Working environment has increasing requirements and these constantly change, which is why sustainable development and competence of employees are of great importance.


General support programmes or trainings according to the principle of sending everybody to all trainings planned have not proved to be too promising, since they do not consider specific needs of individual employees. The DNLA systems show the current state in the development of potentials for individual’s performance at work. This is necessary for goal-oriented determination of right guidelines, together with the basic data on performance evaluation by the superior. The programme integrates advanced development plans and suggestions for trainings, which help with the selection of adequate educational contents and allocation of employees to relevant forms of training. Accurate identification of needs saves quite some money in advance. Limited budget for HR development can in this way be allocated to fields bringing the most success!


Analysis and determination of training plan

The starting point of any successful training is detailed knowledge of trainees’ requirements. The DNLA system helps you determining important training guidelines for core social, sales and leadership skills fast and reliable.


Analysis of effectiveness in transferring knowledge to practice

At the end of the training process, DNLA always enables you to measure the results of the training. In this way, you will be able to make sure the measures have reached their goal and the transfer from training situation to practice has been successful. In this way, the DNLA system enables higher efficiency of subsequent trainings.




DNLA system and analysis of training needs:

  • By assessing development of skills with the help of DNLA, we identify the need for training.
  • Trainings are planned based on guidelines from DNLA development plan and DNLA coaching plan.
  • Performance is tested with DNLA diagnostics.
  • DNLA enables re-discovering needs for measures.