DNLA Expert System enables comprehensive assessment of performance of leaders and individual teams, departments or groups.

Although working groups (teams) consist of competent individuals, they are not necessarily efficient if the use of potential of team members is lower than it could have been. The most common reason is the roles that have not been allocated adequately and poor recognition and use of individuals’ potentials within the team. Performance of groups is also lowere by poor management, poor identification of persons with the culture and values of the company as well as poor organisation. Sometimes, the groups simply do not function and the reasons are often difficult to identify.


Companies often look for ways to recognise advantages and challenges in work of an individual team, compatibility of the leader with the staff and reasons for lowering group’s performance. With the help of the DNLA system, we can identify critical elements of team work, which slow down group’s performance on nine levels:

  • performance,
  • motivation,
  • operation of the organisation (process organisation),
  • cooperation,
  • establishing of (adequate) organisational culture,
  • internal environment (commitment),
  • conflict of interests,
  • satisfaction with internal leader,
  • leadership (of a team).


Results are presented graphically and show successful and critical points of individual team’s work in order to facilitate the analysis of individual team’s work and quick measures where they are needed.