The questions consist mainly of work-related situations or statements. Therefore, assessments are subjective and represent the facts, as they are seen by managers and employees.

In a 30 to 50 page report, managers, employees, the whole organisation as well as departments are separately evaluated according to their strengths and in particular their stress-related weak points in a highly graphical output. 

Every field is commented on and explained at length and shows a comprehensive picture of the company and of its departments in detail. The explanations are unambiguous and describe the needs and the required measures. 

The result from the whole company is then graphically compared with the individual work groups, teams and departments (again separated according to employees and/or managers) and through this the problem areas are precisely localised and highlighted. 

A summary of results from a cross-section of participants can be used to carry out a direct comparison with all internal company units or departments. 

Comparing results from personnel involved in specific operational activities with the whole of the company as well as comparison with organisations operating in the same area or in the same type of business can often uncover the causes leading to decreased performances or problem areas.