DNLA CCA (Corporate Climate Analysis) is an analysis and diagnosis method that examines the entire company (or specific operational activities) for weak points and supplies information on where friction and losses emerge and also where teams, working groups, departments or operational activities co-operate optimally. 

DNLA Company Climate Analysis verifies 11 areas of organizational climate in your company.

The analysis is based on the facts and the actual situation, such as we are experiencing in the workplace and in relationships with co-workers. We learn how employees see things, no one can provide better information than they do. In order to achieve maximum objectivity, we have compiled the questions are compiled in the form of statements of facts, not the opinions or judgments.


The aim of the analysis is that the management receives the initial detailed insight into the structure of relations that exist in the enterprise as a whole. The questionnaire deals with four main problems:

  • To what extent can individual departments, teams and work areas identify itself with the company as a whole?

  • Do managers actually use the inclusive / integrative management?

  • Whether the customer is an explicit aim and purpose of the effort of the whole company?

  • Are employees and executives aligned with company goals?



Climate analysis for company
Climate analysis for department

Time required: 20 min

Results Display: