DNLA Expert System - Discovery of Natural Latent Abilities

The success of your enterprise is massively determined by one factor: the human factor - your employees. The ideas, the motivation, the enthusiasm of your employees, in short: the latent potential of your employees are an enormous potential for economic growth for your corporation! If you invest effectively in the development of your employees and their qualifications and motivations, this will pay off in multiple ways. To fully employ the potential of your employees for your corporation, you should continually measure and develop their potentials. The appropriate instrument for this assessment is DNLA – The Discovery and Development of Natural Latent Abilities.


Unlike other tests DNLA does'nt rate your "personality" nor your typical personality traits. It is designed to identify level of development of success factors (which do not relate to your area of expertise), which are then developed with targeted, adequately selected training or seminars.




DNLA identifies your employees potential. 

DNLA Management helps you identify management potential of an individual in 3 main areas (Leadership Qualities, Cooperation and Consensus, Entrepreneurial Spirit), which are subdivided into 25 different competencies or factors. DNLA Sales Potential provides the “fine tuning” of the soft skills needed to be a successful salesperson, DNLA Social competences assesses 17 factors/dimensions of social competences. With DNLA you can assess Company Climate and Teams performance.

By combining tools we can measure potential for the entire structure of every organization. Multilevel evaluation settings enable precise definition of requirements, which are appropriate to your organization.